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What Are Clients Saying?

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Janelle Cato

Bre has a really good knack for translating what’s trending on social media to a perspective applicable to your business. Her writing tone is positive and energetic as well. She is a great communicator and creates really great interactive content..

Jonathan O'Neal

Bre and The Social Hive are one of the most creative social media agencies I’ve encountered. Not only do they have an eye for aesthetics, messaging and brand cohesiveness, but they have an eye for design as well. As a graphic designer I always look for partners who can match the design level of my brands when looking for somebody to work with and They do that and more. 12/10 times would recommend.

Brianna Glenn

Bre has a natural eye for design and culture, which is why her social media content is always so on point! She’s not afraid to go against the grain and try new things, which is what defines her expertise in my opinion!

Loren Childress

Bre is next-level! She is without a doubt one of my most favorite people to work with. She always gets her work done early, and she has such an incredibly creative eye. She’s talented, full of wit, resilience, and creativity! She always understands the assignment!


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